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Possible puppy "aggression" need advice

So we've been taking Alvin to a local park to work on recall and basic leash training for the past few days. He's been doing great, he still tries to meet people and dogs walking by but speeding up snaps him out of it. yesterday we were taking a break playing fetch on a long lead and this woman was letting her dog pull her towards us. They were coming from behind us so Alvin hadn't seen them and it looked like they were going pass us so I ignored them. All of a sudden this woman's dog comes out of nowhere 10 feet from us on the right. Still pulling still barking. Alvin put himself between the dog and I and let out the deepest barks I've ever heard out of him. Luckily I had him held close to me. His fur was raised, ears up, tail straight. This dog had 40lbs on Alvin and he was not backing up. I told the woman we were training so we couldn't really socialize right then but she KEPT LETTING THE DOG COME CLOSER. I got up and put myself in a position where I could keep Alvin behind me and got ready to get out of there. She said "sometimes we make make friends sometimes we don't" and she kept talking about how deep Alvin's bark was and just small talk. I had to be rude and told her to please keep her dog back and she rolled her eyes and drug the dog away. I drew pictures of the situation.

Possible puppy "aggression" need advice-imageuploadedbypg-free1392667201.656292.jpg

Possible puppy "aggression" need advice-imageuploadedbypg-free1392668327.429820.jpg

We have taken every measure possible to NOT make a nervous dog. Alvin did not look afraid or nervous. Could he be being protective? The dog was full blown hyper and lunging HARD.

Alvin has met other dogs big and small and behaves with them. We only let him play with calm dogs though, so I have no clue what was the reason behind his barking.

Please don't just say "remove your dog from the situation" we were in the process of doing this. it all happened really quickly. I want constructive advice on WHY he could be acting like this. Alvin is 12 weeks old

Thank you

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