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Default Just started raw and having some issues...

It's been a week of Stella being on raw. I am using premade raw.

Observations I have made....

1.-She is shedding like crazy!!!!! Some of her hair is coming out in clumps. She always was a shedder but it has reached new levels.
2.-She has started itching like crazy too. She has always been an itchy girl but it seemed to have calmed down a bit up until this week. She has had chicken this week, so maybe she is sensitive to that? Switched her today to turkey. Hope it makes a difference. On kibble she was on salmon.
3.-She seems soooooo hungry. Had a couple of days of throwing up bile but not the last few.
4.-Her coat feels sooooooo soft. Can that actually happen that fast?
5.-Best poop ever! She has always had poop that was on the softer side but it has firmed right up.

So, can any of the above be due to the raw in such a short span of time????

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