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Default How do I stop my male from marking on everything??

I rescued a street dog (GSD x Chow?) that I've had for about 6 months or so, Red. According to the vet, he was about a year when I got him, and he is currently unaltered. A few weeks ago, he started peeing on top of our other dog's pee. I didn't think it was an issue, as he peed his normal amount and it was the only time he "marked", so I didn't correct him for it.

I took Red to a private training session about a week and a half ago and we introduced him to some of the agility equipment (an on-the-ground tire and a short tunnel). After a few minutes of introducing the tire, he tinkled a little on one of his pass throughs - he was very sneaky! We cleaned up the tire and continued until he looked like he was moving into position to do it again, we verbally corrected him and moved on to the tunnel. He did fine on the tunnel for awhile then moved into position again, another verbal correction, and back on the leash.

NOW it seems as though he wants to mark everything - he marks the fence in our backyard and I caught him trying to lift his leg on (1) a backpack in the living room and (2) the shower door/towels while DH was in the shower! He was verbally corrected and did not succeed in either attempt as he is always supervised when he's not kenneled, but he did do the "move" (butt scooted over, leg going up). I believe DH also said Red tried it one night with him.

So here comes the question - what do I do? I can take him on leash in the backyard and correct him (verbal corrections don't work as well outside with him yet) and we always supervise him inside, but is there anything else I can do to curb this?

Here's a crappy cell phone pic of the little bugger!
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