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Science Diet Z/D

I took my, 13 month old Jackson to a specialist last week. He's been having issues with urination. As part of the consult we discussed, what I thought was a largely resolved issue he had had for months with very loose stool and a recent ear infection. They ran a GI panel. The test came back saying that his folate levels are elevated and this indicated a bacterial overgrowth in his small intestines. The gave me a prescription for metronidazole. Great. Then they recommended that I switch him to Science Diet Z/D. I don't really have an issue with the cost. In order to resolve the his earlier loose stools I had him on much more expensive food. My issue is that I keep seeing reviews about the low quality of Science Diet foods. However, I've spent time and money taking him to a specialist, I feel like I should do what they say.

Most recently he was on Orijen adult dry. He had some occasional loose stools, but seemed to be doing fine mostly, but he did get his first ear infection while on this.

What is the deal on Science Diet is it as bad as the reviews indicate?
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