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One scary moment

Just wanted to share this incident:

Yesterday we were walking our year old at a little park downtown, high traffic area, the park is actually the traffic circle with a good amount of pedestrian and canine traffic, and surrounded by shops, restaurants, theaters, etc. Our GSD got loose, the leash had somehow slipped off his collar and before we could grab him, he raced away, there was a lot of distraction, people, kids, other dogs, squirrels and tons of birds, and worse constant stream of cars on all sides. He ran to a man about 50,60 feet away wagging his tail and sniffing. Heart in my mouth, I called him and he raced back to me happy, wagging his tail. He probably heard the desperation in my voice. I gave him a bunch of treats and lots of praise. Although later I was happy that his recall which I had never tested this way(amongst this much distraction!) before was this good, I am never repeating this experience again!
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