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Thinking about a rescue this year but hesitant...

We are thinking about adding a new family member this year. We currently have a 10mo male GSD and an 11yo female lab/heelerX. We are still in the "thinking" stage and trying to determine whether a male or a female might be better, but meeting the individuals dogs would be the best way.

In any event, after reviewing some Adoption Applications, I'm hesitant to for several reasons. Maybe someone can let me know if these things will REALLY be a problem for a Rescue (maybe they are trying to weed out problems) or if I'm worrying too much.

1. My 10mo male is not neutered. He will be neutered around 18mo, unless he shows signs of needing it done earlier. I have left him intact while growing for potential health benefits. I have NO intentions of breeding.

2. I have seen wording about using the dog as a "working" dog. Does this include Schutzhund training? At this point I don't have any intention of competing, but I do train with a Schutzhund trainer right now. Whether the new addition will train with him, I don't know yet but it could be a possibility. I do it mainly for the obedience, but my pup has a blast doing bitework.

3. I'm not sure how to handle the housing question. We have lived in our house for 10 years. My husband was the farm manager, but the farm was sold several years ago and broken up. He now acts as caretaker for the owner that owns the large parcel our house is on, but that person lives in another state and only comes up a few times a year. While I suppose we could contact them for a written letter, I've never actually met them and really hate to bother them with something like this. My husband has always been the head decision maker on the property and we've never had to bother with anything like this. The old and new owners have never cared what type of animals we owned.

4. No fenced yard. Home is on 600 acres and dogs are never outside with supervision. We spend ALOT of time outside most of the year, and that is how we have always managed our dogs.

5. Crating vs. free in house. We don't leave dogs unattended together ever. Our old girl is free, and our pup is crated. Not sure if this is a problem for all rescues or just the one I'm looking at right now. Our dogs go with us most places, including to work part of the time, so it isn't as if they are crated 10hr/day 5 days a week.

Any thoughts? I'm just not sure whether I should proceed with trying to rescue, or just go back to a breeder and look for an older pup there. I've always wanted to rescue, but it just seems like potential homes have to fit such a restrictive criteria...would I be wasting my time?
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