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Tyson Update (4 wks into his obedience classes!)

We are 4 classes into his basic obedience and i am very happy to say he is doing really well , the trainer describes him as "lower end of the fear spectrum", so, i will be working on confidence building over time. He listens and responds well to me in class, she brought out a super happy bull dog last night for distraction while we all had to keep our dogs in a "sit and stay" he got up once, which is not bad at all. My plans for him is too continue on with higher levels of obedience then work into agility, i thought i may want to join a schutzhund group with him over the summer but i have had many people tell me now that he is probably not the dog for that. I just cant help but get the feeling he is a bit disconnected with us, i feel very bad about that, oh well, we will do agility in a few months and maybe that will spark up his interests.

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