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Swollen paws, skin infection coming back

Hi all!
First post here. I've been lurking for a little while but now I'm hoping for a little insight on something I havent been able to find any answer on. (here or many google searches).

I have a 15 week old male pup. When we got him at 8 weeks, he was developing swollen pads, bumps in the ears and some small bumps around his paws. I took him to the vet for his first check up and to see what was going on. My vet said he had a skin infection and gave him a steroid shot and put him on amoxicillin. Vet didn't give him the vaccines he was up for because he thought it would be too much on his little immune system. By the time I took him back for his next visit. All the random bumps were gone and swelling in the paws was gone, he just had oozing/ bleeding sores that were working on healing. Vet said sores were the infections way of draining. Anyways, fast forward to this weekend, everything has been fine, infection seemed to be gone and paws were normal size and sores completely healed. Saturday I noticed his feet looking a little large and when I looked at his paw pads they were pretty swollen. And then Sunday they were even more swollen and he has a couple little blister like sores on his pads. I'm taking him back to the vet today to have him checked out but I was hoping for some advice from others with similar experiences or just some overall health advice.

I feel like he's been on antibiotics nearly the whole time we've had him and I dont think that can be good for him--like I'm afraid the drugs could stunt him. And he already seems small for his age to me. Could just be paranoia.

Anyways, I've ordered some probios to get him started bacause I'm all about boosting that immune system. Any advice besides 'just put him on antibiotics' would be greatly appreciated!


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