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5 months into house training help...

Hello everybody! I got my GSD puppy at the age of ten weeks old. She is now 5 months old. She is actually my first ever dog that I have cared for completely on my own. I must say, the first few weeks were rough. After that everything became sort of routine. But I would like some information about house training. For one, My dog knows shes supposed to use the bathroom outside, and she enjoys it. She associates it with running around and playing fetch. However the problem is that, although she knows to go outside, she often will not hesitate to go in the house if she has to go. She is 100% crate trained, and wont use the bathroom in her crate and can hold it for at least 12 hours while in my room or the crate, as she stays in her crate while I'm at school or running errands. However if she's free roaming the house it seems like she doesn't attempt to hold it at all. She'll often quickly sneak away while I'm not looking and leave a mess on the carpet. I do not scold her or anything if I don't see her do it. The oddest part is that usually when she does this, its shortly after I bring her in from playing or using the bathroom. When I take her outside to go, she normally promptly does her business and returns to me. I always praise her when she does as shes supposed to. What are some tips to teach her to hold it until she's outside? I know she's capable of holding it I just need to teach her to wait. How can I show her that using the bathroom in the house is not okay and only to go outside?

Thanks very much, looking forward to some great info on this site!
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