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Not sure if im doing it right

Hi everyone, so i brought Chich home about a week ago, and I had him on Eukanuba large breed puppy kibble for the first few days, approx 1 cup for 3 meals each day. I found he wasn't taking to it so well so i thought I'd give him a raw meal for dinner rather than kiddle, a few days later I got him some chicken kidney and necks, he would inhale these within 2min, even the necks included. A few days later he began to have runny stool and eventually it was liquid, my first thought was it was the raw, as it was new and plus he wasnt grinding the necks properly. I also added beef mince to his kibble meals to get him to eat them (instead of 1 cup kibble, id go half n half with the mince) this was fine but still he had runny stools.

I decided to stop the necks and kidneys and instead give him chicken wings and legs, a bigger bone which he would have to chew and take his time with. Today it seemed to be working, but he has a mixture of solid and runny stools. Im not sure if this is because he is being over fed or something else, I have him wormed, and i dont think he is sick as he is still very active and biting/chasing everything he can. I am sure its his diet, so basically is there anyone out there who can help me please.

How much should he be getting fed? how many times? and is there any way to make him eat his kibble in one sitting (at the moment he has some then he leaves and intermittently comes back for more)?

Just a note: the kibble meals weigh approx 120g per meal, and the raw is anywhere from 150-200g per meal, also I plan on substituting the raw meal with a red meat raw bone once or twice a week.

Thank you in advance for the help.
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