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*new* skin problems

this is the thread that inspired this research Severe Itchiness that BAFFLES vet

referencing where I left off
"met again with my friends yesterday , both in the medical fields - and another with a chemistry background -- "

Originally Posted by carmspack
" The last shot Fraoch got was 1.5 ml of Depomedrol with the 1Duolocillin LA CANINE. The cost of both is fairly expensive . It does help though do us worth the effort" and a shampoo with " the shampoo is either one of UBA vet or Virbac epi soothe shampoo and cream rinse is Virbac‎ epi soothe cream rinse. "

quoting reply "I can't tell on my phone, so I think I am quoting something you were quoting, my phone messes up things a lot, but.... Just to clarify and hipefully help, DepoMedrol is CHEAP, and is the Duolcillan LA. It's just penicillin. Like should be 2 pennies a CC.
Just don't want your friend to get ripped off. I am glad it's working. I must say though. That I find it hilarious that with all the new fangled high end medicine, referrals, allergy tests, yadda yadda, the thing that helping is good old steroids and penicillin. "
Well gsdsar , I questioned them about the depromedrol which is not an antibiotic penicillin but a corticosteroid. Duplocillin is a long lasting penicillin.
Expensive . yes , here it is , where these drugs are controlled ."

One of my friends is a DR. , prof of Medicine , and now Senior Research scientist -- who has available to him some very very bright minds in his lab , one who is a 26 year old PHD .

We have been talking on and off about some difficult new problems which seem to be appearing , like bad weather ! .
Just so happens that his own dog , at 7 years of age, after perfect health , came up with this problem , the severe itchiness . Appears that there is a sudden surge in the area .
Appears that there is a sudden surge in South Carolina , Tennessee , where this fox terriers breeder is from. All breeds, all ages, all manner of diets being followed .

So thinking out of the mainstream, out of the box an alternative path of investigation is under way.

We , and our animals are not just single living entities . We are entire living biosomes of bacteria and a host of microscopic beings which maintain our health and need themselves to be kept in some form of balance.

We have been creating super bugs by aggressive and inappropriate use of anti biotics . I would rather have them well regulated , used minimally , only when absolutely necessary. That is part of the problem.

Among the microscopic beings are mites, which clean up dead cellular debris . Populations are in check . When there is a disturbance you have problems with mange . Restore the immune and balance has equilibrium again.

One possibility under consideration was that there is something which is disturbing the terrain , that has upset the types of mites , allowing one to prosper , another to decline -- which is source of problem.

Has there been something in the environment lately which has knocked out this balance . With that in mind the PHD research assistant took skin scrapings and sent them to her father who had already been working on something along these lines. Happens to be that he is the Chief Veterinary in Norway .
The study asks are the mites different that the mites on a healthy dog's skin.
Can healthy populations be recovered with transplants from the mite population of healthy dogs.

It was a pretty deep discussion.

If this is part of the problem then we have to examine everything which attempts to "clean" the dog which includes topical insecticides . The solution is worse than the problem?

Mites are arthropods and so are the mites that have been decimating bees and beehives . Maybe they are sensitive to the same environmental problem.

If someone wants to partake in the study they can contact me . Their vet's can take skin scrapings and have them sent.

anyway all thoughts invited



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