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Rehoming two female dogs into a one female home....glup*

I'm looking for some advise on how to do just what the title says. I have some GSD friends that are in a spot where they must give up their fur babies. I'm not at all a fan of this, but we are doing this for the dogs, not necessarily for them. One is a 5 yr female GSD with food guarding issues. Hates loud noise, and does not react well to yelling, but other than that is a great and friendly pup. The other dog is a small female 8 lbs 6yr old fur ball. No issues that the current owner is aware of. Our dog is also female and is a 3 yr old GSD that has been the sole pup of the house for those 3 years. She is not the most social dog, but not terrible about it either. She plays kind of hard, but likes to play with dogs that will put up with hard play. Our dog is crate trained and is still crated from time to time when need be. Usually though, she has free rein on part of the house. The incoming dogs have been crate trained, but they have not used them for years. We also have 2 children. 12 and 10 so I am not too worried about them. Our GSD is protective about the kids though. We are starting with walking the dogs as a big group and plan to work them into the house throughout a few visits. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and yes, we are very aware that this may not work. We are being positive and hoping it does for everyone involved. The only other piece of info that might be helpful, the GSD's came from the same breeder. The older Shepherd would be an Aunt to our dog.
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