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Howdy from Delaware!

Hey everyone!

Last Monday night we brought home our new GSD, Ender. He was just over 8 weeks old.

I named him after one of my all time favorite book series, Ender's Game. I've heard nothing but praise on how smart GSD's are so I feel like it's a fitting name considering the 'real' Ender was a genius

The wife and I already have a 1.5yr old Golden Retriever named Zoey and she helped pick Ender out. He's pure blooded from a show line, German mother but mostly American dad. I'm presuming he'll grow to be roughly 90-100lbs, his Dad was a pretty big guy! His mom was no slouch either, she was around 75-80lbs.


My long term goal for Ender is to get into Search and Rescue work. But, if that doesn't pan out, I'll at least have an amazing family dog!

I've already read quite a bit here even before we picked up the pup, back when we were still deciding on "what" to get and decided on a GSD. Lots of good resources here, just wanted to say thanks in advance for any and all help, that already given and that yet to be received!

Really looking forward to watching the new guy grow up to be an awesome dog!
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