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Originally Posted by MacD View Post
Greetings from Central CA! I have a new addition to my family and he's a beauty. He will be turning 8 months old tomorrow.

He is a long coat GSD and as soon as I figure out how to make him into my avatar I will.

I hope this link works - Bak - MacClavey Photography

Here is where I would really appreciate people taking their valuable time and giving me some advice. Bak seems to have a stable temperament and just fit right in but my question is, should I take him out and about or keep him home for the first 2 weeks and have him settle in first?

If he was older or a rescue ( I adopted him from a soldier who was deploying) then I would keep him close to home and work on trust and engagement and take my time introducing him to his new world.

But since he is a pup I am thinking to take him out, to the beach and outside of dog parks (I don't take my dogs in ) and let him smell all the new smells and hear the train etc. I usually don't let people interact with my dogs or let him run with other dogs.

I would appreciate hearing peoples views on to socialize or not to socialize for the first few weeks.

Thank you in advance just for reading this far if you did. Wishing you all a great day .. Maggie
No expert here, but even a puppy I would let settle in a little bit. My personal opinion is you don't want to overload them too fast. Maybe not a full two weeks but slowly a little bit at a time.
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