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Well, Ares was groomed yesterday and of course acted out of control. He gets overly excited and barks at every animal. He loves people but is animal aggressive. When I picked him up they said they had a hard time with him being aggressive towards the other dogs. She said he was pulling them to try to get to other dogs. He didn't bite any of the dogs but I am wondering if the leash makes him feel uneasy because he is at a disadvantage. I don't know what to do and how this can be corrected. He has been through training and knows his commands but I don't want him to be this way. Yes he is fixed and he is 4 years old. He also weighs 105 so he can pull anyone. Can anyone tell me how I can curb this so he is ok when I take him to be groomed. She also told me not to come when they are busy. Mind you that this has never happened to where they have said something to me about it. One time our neighbors dogs came over in our yard and he just sniffed them but thats probably the closest he has been to another dog in a long time. I need help please !!!

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