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Default Proud of my boy yesterday.

My aging mother is moving to a new apartment. She hired movers for the furniture thank the lord...

I think my mother might be a hoarder, but thats a different topic.

We had no idea how long we would be over there and ended up being about 12 hours door to door. We took the pup with us because at 14 weeks, I just couldn't leave him in the crate that long.

He did flights of stairs for the first time like a champ. One of the movers set off the fall alarm **loud**, it was wailing in the hall when we walked up from a potty break, didn't phase him.

Throughout the chaos he never got scared. He missed his nap, walked his butt off, Handled the elevators like a pro, met all kinds of new people, put up with my mom's ankle biter and my young nephew.

I am very proud of him.
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