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Feeding Canned, Raw, Wet vs. Kibble: CALORIES

So, I don't want to feed raw, at least not yet. I'll say that upfront to hopefully prevent the expected responses encouraging me to do so, and so to keep the discussion on point. Putting the mention of raw feeding aside, my question is about providing sufficient calories when feeding non-kibble, i.e. when feeding some sort of wet food as the sole diet.

I am interested in feeding only canned and homecooked foods to my GSDs. I have oversized GSDs, which will make me even less popular on this webpage than my reluctance to embrace raw feeding! But I digress...

My dogs have high caloric requirements. Attempting to meet those caloric requirements with homecooked or canned food would invite bankruptcy, and fill the recycling collection truck in very short order.

For those who do feed raw diets, how do you meet caloric needs? It seems impossible to feed enough wet food (be it canned, cooked, rehydrated or raw) to provide adequate calories.

Raw feeders, how do you do it? Thanks for your helpful comments!
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