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R.I.P. Dear Sasha

Our dear sweet girl passed away two weeks ago at about the age of 12 years.

She was a beautiful long-haired german shepherd, and we adopted her 10 years ago from a GSD rescue. My husband and I knew nothing about GSD's and we had never had our own dog as adults, but we were ready to make the commitment to care for a new dear friend.

She was being fostered at a place where many aggressive and emotionally-troubled dogs were being housed. She was allowed to stay there for free because the owners felt so sorry for her with her history of severe abuse and neglect. Whenever anyone looked her in the eyes, she would roll over onto her back and start to urinate on herself. No one wanted to adopt her because of this behavioral issue.

But, when my husband and I were seated at a table outside in the large yard where about 40 other dogs were roaming about, our sweet Sasha walked up to our table, completely on her own, hopped up and placed both paws on my husband's lap, and kissed his cheek!! Can you believe that?! My husband's heart melted and we both fell instantly in love with this gorgeous red and black, long-haired beauty.

We endured many months of learning to be leaders and not look her in the eye while petting her and training her, and comforting her crying at night when she'd be falling asleep (even on a bed right next to ours!). But over time, after riding with me everywhere in the car, being brushed and loved daily, graduating first in her class for obedience training, she truly seemed to recover from the majority of her original issues.

I posted on another forum back in December how it broke our heart when the vet told us she was permanently paralyzed for unknown reasons (maybe DM?), and he offered the option to put her to sleep after we found her one morning unable to use her back legs at all. We took her home, and prepared to say our goodbyes. About a month later, a MIRACLE happened, and Sasha began to WALK. It is still UNBELIEVABLE to us how that could have been possible, but it's true! We loved having the chance to walk with her again and see her independent and looking so much more happy. It was such a beautiful time for all of us. But then a couple of weeks ago, her health changed, and it was time for her to get to pass on to heaven.

We'll forever miss her and remember her love, devotion, and loyalty to us and the sweet kisses she would share to every single person she would meet. What a sweet girl she was and will always be in our hearts.
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