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Large litters.

My puppy (Kakarot [from Dragon Ball Z if you know what that is]) got his first vaccinations today (yay) and he weighed in at 7.2 lbs at 8 weeks (breeder said the litter OF 11 was born December 16th). While we were checking out of the clinic, another lady had an 8 week old GSD and he was HUGE compared to mine.. like 2 Kakarot's put together huge.

Could the fact that he had 10 other litter mates result in his smaller size? His paws aren't big.. but they're not too small either.. and his ears aren't floppy.. they stick straight up and don't flop down or to the sides (the lady with the bigger GSD even asked if we got his ears done!), but his ears aren't huge either.. and his parents aren't too huge..

Here's the Dad and Mom:

First day home (Feb 11):

As of today, he looks a little bit bigger than when we first picked him up.. but I was just curious as to why he might be so small at 8 weeks.. and when could there be a growth spurt if.. it'll even happen, haha. We got him a large crate with a divider so we can extend it when he's big.. but we're not 100% sure if he'll even get that big because of his size right now. Thanks.

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