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Suddenly cool with the crate

Not sure what exactly happened, and it is a good thing but I don't know if anyone else ever experienced anything like this before lol.

Outside of the first night when Doyle got home (and had a very overwhelming day) he has yet to let me sleep through a night. He usually wakes me up about once if not more than that a night. I am not sure if its because he legitimately has to go potty or if he is thirsty. He had a little bout of diarrhea that turned out to be roundworms and giardia. But he got over that fairly quickly lol.

Even if he has no issues going into crates, and I feed him in one out in the living room, he tends to whine, paw and carry on in the one out in our living room (which is basically a kennel). Unless he is really worn out, but even then he usually protests for awhile before he settles down.

Today we went for a walk/play at a park downtown that allows dogs to be off leash to keep down the level of geese in the area between November and March. We've done this a few times now. It's a short walk, lots of playing off leash, sometimes a little cooling off at the river (there's a river that runs through town) and then the walk back to the car.

He is fine in the crate in the car. It doesn't bother him to go in there, though I am sure he'd rather ride loose (don't trust him just yet loose). In the bedroom he will fuss a little in the crate, but not super bad.

He gets time out in the room with my other dogs and me every night. If I am home during the day we spend a few hours here and there just relaxing and playing with things. Right now my golden and Doyle are playing. They've been doing this wrestling/biteyface/toy tug game for the last few days lol. Myles is great with puppies, and it seems like he really has accepted that Doyle is our puppy now. Leia, my older shepherd, ignores the boys and chews her squeaky cuz or yells at the cats to keep them from the bedroom (I have a babygate up to keep my dogs in, other dogs out, etc).

Today after everything, I let them pee in the front yard before coming in (every time he has activity then crate, he always has to pee) and we all settled into the bedroom. They played a little biteyface on the bed right behind me (I somehow always end up close by in these games) and then stretched out for a nap. I had the chance to just stretch out with them also, and Doyle slept pressed completely up against the side of me, though he slowly kept edging toward falling off of the bed lol.

We napped for a bit, I put the boys out, made dinner and it was a big shock not to hear anything. When I looked into the living room he was just laying down in the crate, calmly looking up at me. It was like this sudden breakthrough lol. He's about 6 months old now. It was just kind of like someone flicked a switch lol!

Just not sure if anyone else has experienced anything like that before.
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