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Food allergies

Our one and a half year old female has been scratching like crazy for months...we switched her to raw and had our backyard redone in wood chips withing the same few weeks so we assumed her scratching was due to the cedar wood chips. However the yard has been covered in several feet of snow for months now and she is scratching more than ever. I took her to the vet this morning because she developed a lump the size of a quarter within the span of two weeks. They drained it and luckily it was just blood, they said it was most likely caused by scratching.
The vet said her allergies are most likely related to food and not environmental if she's this itchy in the middle of winter.
He recommended we switch her to vegetarian kibbles ! I reminded him she's currently eating raw meat (chicken,horse,turkey )and he recommended feeding her duck, kangaroo or horse meat. Has anyone experienced this and had success after making the switch ?

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