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Protein Levels and a Biologically Appropriate Diet

I've been giving some thought to protein levels and how popular protein levels in kibbles compare to a true biologically appropriate diet.

First, I do believe that feeding a species specific, biologically appropriate diet is important. For domestic dog breeds, in my opinion, that means a diet that is high in meat and other animal protein sources, such as eggs and perhaps fish.

Second, I do believe that domestic dogs have adapted to eat grains in moderation. Domestic dogs are not wolves. That said, I believe those grains should be in whole form, not processed, and ideally be low glycemic grain choices.

So, my question/consideration is this: in the wild, a canid would most likely never consume a meal of 28% protein, and certainly not on a daily basis. Fresh meat, i.e. meat not in dry meal form as found in kibble, has a high water content which buffers the protein percentage down a lot.

Do our dogs actually *need* such high protein levels? Do our dogs need to consume concentrated protein meals, e.g. chicken meal, lamb meal, etc.

I think not. I think dogs need a meat and animal product dominant diet, but not a super high protein diet...or at least, not protein levels as we often see on some high-end kibble bags. I think fresh meat, fresh animal products like eggs, fresh vegetation and whole grains are more important than concentrated protein because of the enzymes, the "living aspect" of fresh foods. It's why fresh basil tastes so much better to us than dried basil---fresh is alive and vibrant.

Whether one is feeding raw, or homecooked, I honestly think that the protein/fat/whole grain/vegetable carb ratios, in the form of fresh vital foods, are more important.

If it was necessary to feed a 28-30% protein level on a daily basis AND maintain the caloric requirements for weight management, raw and homecooked feeders would go broke...and, I question how healthy it is for our canids to consume so much concentrated protein.

I'm interested in a discussion on these points, and I value everyone's input and ideas. Thanks, all!
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