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Is my puppy getting too big too fast?

I'm hoping some of you can give me a little insight on whether my 6 month old female GSD is getting too big too fast. Earlier this week, she tipped the scale at 69.8 lbs. The vet didn't say anything about her size other than overall she looked pretty good. I got to thinking and starting searching the internet which only got me wondering more. Here's the details of her background.

She is about 85% Czech. The dam is 73 lbs and the sire is 77 lbs. She came from a litter of 8 and she was mid-sized. Others in the littler are also reportedly a similar size, but I only know of a few keeping in touch with the breeder. I feed her Blue Buffalo Wilderness - Large Breed Puppy, though I only recently switched to the Large Breed formula. My normal pet store never carried it so I switched retail outlets. I keep her somewhat lean by feeding her twice a day, no more than 4 cups total for the day.

I'm attaching a few photos. My female (Didi) is the one with a long orange lead. The other GSD is her father. A 4 year old Czech.

Is my puppy getting too big too fast?-photo-1.jpg

Is my puppy getting too big too fast?-photo-3.jpg

Is my puppy getting too big too fast?-photo-5.jpg
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