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Originally Posted by Chip18 View Post
In cats it's diet control. Two types of crystals can happen My cat(male) eats Royal Canin S/O for life mixed with can and water.

So two types of crystals possible can't remember what they are. But what might actually be helpful... the vet says he only feeds his cats canned foods and has never had a problem with crystals in his male cats.

Maybe a raw diet would be helpful for her?
We have started to feed her raw with her meals. We started with chicken necks to see how she liked it and now we are feeding her raw chicken whole wings and breasts. Its only been a few days since we switched to the wings and breasts so we are hoping it helps.

Originally Posted by Nigel View Post
I hope you can get some answers soon, sorry you have to deal with this.
Thank you

Originally Posted by llombardo View Post
Some people might not agree, but my female showed all signs of UTI when she was younger and symptoms stopped once she was fixed.
Ill bring that up to the vet, i know we had talked early on about getting her fixed but he wanted to try and fix the problem at hand before fixing her and possibly creating another. but maybe now after all this he might think it could work.

Originally Posted by Blanketback View Post
A long time ago, one of my dogs had this problem too. This was back in the '90s so I really can't remember very much except that my male was passing blood and I had to have his urine cultured because the first 2 different abx didn't clear it up. After testing and trying a 3rd abx, he was fine. Please don't get discouraged - I hope my story helps you to stay positive Good luck!
Thank you for sharing. It’s hard not to get discouraged but every time i look at her i getting that needed hope back, if she's willing to fight this while being such a great dog, than i can continue to fight with her. i just hope we find answers soon.
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