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Creating 'toughened' skin on amputation

I have a fairly recent adopted GSD who has a partial amputated rear leg. It is cut between the hock and the knee. Due to the positioning and condition of the amputation, it is not believed to be medical. The bone is pointed and the skin/tissue fused to the point. While I have been looking at prosthetic options for her, in the mean time I would like to help the skin at that point. Today was the first 'nice' day with snow and she was able to run and play for a fair bit. This has unfortunately caused the skin to bleed. Though high from the ground she does use the partial leg as a launching point and often weight bares on it while in motion. Aside from wrapping it in the short term, does anyone have any experience helping to create a callous or toughing the skin on an amputated leg? I should also mention, we have no idea how old this injury is. It was fully healed when she was picked up as a stray by the shelter. Thank you!

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