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Unhappy Real life nightmare

Our worst fears are coming true and we donít know what to do. For the past few months we have been battling constant UTIís with our now 6 month old GSD. We have been working very closely with our vet, other specialists and we have yet to find a solution other than an antibiotic to keep the infection from spreading. We have changed her diet to a grain free all natural dehydrated food (the Honest Kitchen), we have been giving her vitamin C tablets, and the antibiotic in an effort to lower her PH level. Our vet is constantly talking with other vets and specialists and we still donít have any clue on whatís going on with our little girl. I spoke with the vet and our next step is a urine culture at $175 and blood work $151-$183 and thatís on top of the already $900 weíve spent in the last 2 monthsÖ Our vet has only seen one case like this before in his 35+ years as a vet, the owners have spent over $2,000 over the last 6 month and they still havenít found the source of the problem. I donít know at what point we wonít be able to afford tests and medications, and that scares the crap out of me. I love that little poop head, sheís a brat that whines all the time and has health issues but sheís my brat and Iím doing everything I can to help her. The thought that I might not be able to give her what she needs to be healthy is horrifying. Ever since I was a little kid all Iíve ever wanted was a GSD, when it was time to get one I did all the research I could on training, behavior, and food but now Iím looking at something I never thought could happen.
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