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Dutch/Malinois Cross?

Since 'my' puppy from a litter last fall failed to thrive due to PRAA I've been on the puppy hunt again. My breeder has no litters currently planned for the next year or more so have expanded my search.

Anyway, in the process of bopping around online I came across a breeder on the west coast who is crossing Dutch Shepherds with Malinois. I was wondering if anyone here had any insight as to why someone would choose to cross those two. The breeder didn't have a website, only a fb page which didn't offer much info. I've read the threads on crossing SL and WL GSDs, and even found info on GSD x Malinois, but never a Dutch x Malinois.

Anyone have experience or insight on the purpose or thinking of doing such a breeding?

P.S. I'm not looking into getting one of the pups, but am just curious as to motivation.

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