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Originally Posted by gsdemack View Post
I'm having problems with putting in the energy to do this as I've been with her over a year with only a two day break ever.

She is bored around the house - I have tried hiding treats around the house for her to find but that will only last 15 to 20mins and then she looks bored again. I have tried bringing her for four daily walks..

I can't throw the ball because we have had torrential rain and it would ruin the grass to step into it.

I want something that will be satisfying for me so I will get more motivated. She doesn't seem to like Kongs at all.
I sympathize with you, don't take some of the critical comments too seriously. We have had the coldest winter in decades, with more snow than I've seen in a very long time. The weather has been at 0 degrees (F) or below much of the winter, with horrendous wind chills, and the dogs can't stay out very long in it, neither can I!

The Leerberg website is a good source (as someone mentioned), check it out. Also, if she doesn't like the Kong, try spreading cold peanut butter inside it (some people then freeze it). I try not to put too much in it, not sure that would be good for them, but I do use a table knife to spread it way inside so they have to really work to get it. You can also pack it with canned dog food with crunchy treats mixed in, then freeze it. That may help to keep her busy for a bit. My two like Nylabones, the hard ones that last quite a while. I also bounce a tennis ball down the basement steps, they like to run down to get it and bring it back up to me... And the suggestion someone made of getting another dog is a good one, also, if your situation allows it.
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