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SRMA anyone elses pup suffered with this?


Luna is now nearly 8 months old and has been diagnosed with Steroid Responsive Meningitis Arteritis.

I suppose im posting this as much as a warning as I am to see how many others have had pups with the disease.

Luna started off really quiet seeming depressed and hardly moved. I took her to the vets who diagnosed an infection because of her high temp and was given antibiotics. The next day she got worse yelping when she got up so I took her to a different vets who diagnosed a spine injury and sent us home with painkillers. Night after she started swaying and collapsed, hysterical I rang the emergency vets and we were rushed in at 12am. She was finally diagnosed as menigitis and had to stay overnight on a steroid drip. ..thankfully she seems on the mend although we have a long road ahead. She is now eating and drinking normally and am slowly building her up to her walks again.

It seems the main signs are depression, not eating/drinking, painful joints, stiff neck, lazy gait and fever. Apparently the quicker you get them on steroids the better the outcome.

I had never heard of dogs getting meningitis and have since been telling all owners of pups to be aware this can happen as it seems to be a problem between 6 and 18 months.

Anyone else has this??


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