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White GSD Ears?

Hey guys, as the title suggests, I have a White GSD and he just turned 6 months old this month. His ears are very floppy like a lab's and I've never seen anything like it on a GSD. He has stopped mouthing and the vet says his adult teeth are in so I'm pretty sure they should've gone up by now. The only time his ears go up (not by themselves) is when you hold them, he is running around and the wind is blowing them up, and when he is getting a belly rub and is lying on his back. I don't mind the floppy ears look, but he looks like a little puppy lab and not Shepherd. We rescued him and we called shelter to ask if he was mixed, but they said he was purebred GSD. Its hard to tell if thats the truth (I also read that White GSDs have never been mixed in their time in America). I'm pretty sure that he is full GSD, but I'm beginning to worry about his ears and whether they will become erect. Here's a photo of the little guy, excuse his look, he was very sleepy White GSD Ears?-photo-2-15-14-1.47-am.jpg . Thanks in advance guys!
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