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Really Hoping She Doesn't Have HD

I just got a new GSD (as a rescue of sorts). She's probably about 4 months old. I'm making her an appointment on Monday for a quick checkup and shots. I'm thinking I might ask them to check for HD as well. Here's why:
  • She sits funny, usually with her legs to one side or underneath (instead of up against her body).
  • She won't jump on the bed or couch. Instead, she tries to pull herself up with her front legs.
  • Sometimes she seems to hold her rear legs closer together when she walks.
Other than all these things, she plays pretty well. She's very active and doesn't seem to be in any pain.

I might be overthinking it because I've already had to deal with HD in our Cocker, Sweet Pea. (None of those signs manifested in Sweet Pea. At least not that I noticed. It took her leg coming completely out of socket at 3am before we knew there was a problem - and x-rays confirmed it.)

I guess I'm just looking for y'all to ease my mind until it's time for the vet. Any takers? :-/

Sweet Pea ~ 11 yr old female Cocker Spaniel 1.7.03
Stella ~ 5 mth old bicolor female GSD (?) c. 11.1.13
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