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Dog show coming up at Purina Farms

My handler said hey, enter Sage in Belle City MO, we are trying to build a major.

So, okay, I entered Sage, who only needs a major to finish. Breed counts came out today. It's a 4 point major in dogs and bitches on Saturday, and a 5 point major (also both sides) on Sunday. Judges are James Noe and Arley Hussin. Never shown to either one of them. I might have a nervous breakdown in the next 2 weeks. I just looked at Sage and she looks like a skinny coyote. No, really.

We are also showing a male in Bred-By (bred by exhibitor). He's hardly been shown, just been waiting for him to grow up. He does have 2 or 3 Best of Breeds though. No, it's not Russell. I'm not showing that goofy thing till he's 5. Okay, maybe I'll show him when he's 2. Maybe.

Anyone in the vicinity of Purina Farms, come by and say hi! I'll either be crying or jumping up and down. The show is March 1-2.

(And yes, Belinda, it's the day of my Barn Hunt seminar! Darn it!)

~ Diane ~

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