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Originally Posted by lauracrawley View Post
Hi, yes she was kept in a cage at her last home but I don't think she came out very often, I was thinking about getting a crate but our house is not very big and I worry it may take up too much space but if she needs it I will get one anyway. It does tend to be one large poo during the night and It's not mega runny just not very solid. I was thinking if I get up every 2 hours and let her out it may help so will try that tonight. She is on tinned butchers dog food with butchers mixer 3 times a day Attachment 179946

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What a sweet face she has. Thank you for rescuing her. She looks so shy and timid from that picture. I will be wonderful to see her flower under your care.

I'm not expert but if she has been kept in a cage too much I suspect that she has become accustomed to using her cage as a bathroom. With no other place to go she didn't have a choice. That may make potty training harder. I am a big fan of crate training for a variety of reasons and suggest you make room for a crate if at all possible.

I've used Imodium for my GSD when she had really runny poos. Imodium is available in a liquid form. By weighing her and measuring liquid carefully you can administer the right dose (disclaimer: I'n not a vet, just a pet owner relating a past experience). However, I suspect that she may be simply adjusting to new food which can make her poo very soft and even runny for a while.

Best of luck to you and your new family member,

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