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It's been so long- getting a pup

After the loss of my dog, my house feels empty. My heart is even more empty. My husband put a deposit down on a puppy and we pick him up on March 1st (8 weeks). I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I have a trainer lined up to start with puppy socialization after my vet signs a release form. I bought a doggy doorbell to assist with housebreaking, numerous toys, a dividable kennel, puppy food (along with some of the stuff they are starting the puppy on), leashes, and the list goes on.

The thing is, we can't decide on a name. I don't want to have a name that 50 people in the neighborhood have because I find it confusing. I've called my vet and she told me that she has not seen any parvo cases in the past year. There are 3 more vets I can call in the area.

We are getting a White male Shepherd (husband always wanted one & I love Shepherds). I want a name that is 1-2 syllables that are not confused with commands so the following is what my husband and I agreed on thus far:

Geist- means spirit in German
Bear- there is a dog in the neighborhood that has this name

I personally like Flurry the most because of the vowel sounding ending but my husband thinks that it's weak.. he says flurry is the weakest of all snows. He likes Geist the best because he's never heard it before. I like Bear because let's face it... a good dog is a great big Teddy Bear.

Thoughts and opinions are welcome.
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