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Just rescued my first gsd

Hi, I have just rescued my first gsd. After seeing her for sale on the internet, I went to see her and she was living in pure filth !!!! She is 2 1/2 and so very thin and timid. I took her straight to the vet on the way home to make sure she wAs healthy and he said apart from being very underweight she is fine. I defleed and wormed her but we have a couple of problems. Problem 1 is not so bad but she is petrified of people she doesn't know. I'm sure this will improve with confidence as she is so very nervous of every thing. Problem 2 is a bit more of an issue, we keep having accidents in the night and they are very runny poos. She is fine in the day and I let her out about half 11 and when I get up at half 5 she has made quite a mess. What's the best way to over come this ? I have had dogs all my life but they have always been rescues who have been house trained. Any advise on our problem and also the best way to put weight on her would be great.
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