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I think we may have been lied to about our GSD...

So we got this sweet little 9 wks old boy recently from a litter of twelve puppies. The mother, a Blue Heeler, was on-site. The father, we were told, was a German Shepherd from across the street (I did not see him). I didn't have any reason to disbelieve the man, seeing as he was a good friend of ours, but I recently visted a relative who owns three GSD's and we were comparing our pup to his (two of his were mostly all black, with one looking like the "standard" GSD with the faded bicolor). I've done some googling and I'm thinking he may not be GSD at all, but instead, perhaps, Rottweiler? I know they have similar markings, but honestly I cannot tell at all... If anybody could take a look and give their input, it'd be greatly appreciated. I'd like to know what my little boy is! Thank you!!

Here is an album with several photos:
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