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My vet is AWESOME!

Ok so this isn't really a brag about my dog, but my vet is seriously the coolest person! Both my dogs love all kinds of people, but the vet doesn't take that for granted. She always comes in the room and just talks to us for a bit first while the dog sniffs her, and then she's super non threatening and gentle while she examines the dog. When I was having so much trouble house training, she was super reassuring and didn't mind that I had missed a bit of poop in my hurried "bath before your puppy shot appointment because you couldn't hold it for the twenty minutes I was in the shower." She doesn't care if we come in for things that turn out to be no big deal and when I was nervous about my girl's weight she pulled out a textbook that had a range of how many calories a pup at her percent of adult weight should be eating I know you need to see how your dog does at a certain number of calories since those charts can only be generalizations, but it was sooo helpful to have a starting place more individualized than the back of the food bag
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