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Temperament Testing

Hey Guys

My pup is almost a year old now and he's turned out to be an extremely soft dog, he is very environmentally stable but very nervy socially, despite my best efforts to socialize him. Now I understand that you can never truly know exactly how a young dog will turn out, once it is fully mature, but I do understand that they temperament test pups before they sell them off. I was wondering why his softness and low threshold to discomfort wasn't picked up during the puppy temperament tests that were applied to him.

Another thing that was puzzling was that the breeder sent me a document, detailing how the test should be performed. The document stated that the test should be performed by someone with no prior interaction with the pup (and hence no conflict of interest either), yet the breeder said that he conducted the tests himself, which contradicts the instructions in very document he sent me. When I wrote him back telling him this, I received no reply.

I posted in this forum because I wanted to know whether other breeders performed temperament tests themselves or had an uninterested third party conduct the test and also if something like my dog's soft temperament would have been picked up at all.
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