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How did my dog learn this??????

Not sure this is the correct forum, but since it largely involves silliness and messing around, I figured I'd put it here rather than litter up serious forums...

So, the other day, my mom and I were playing with Molly, and she got uncontrollably hyperactive and jumped all over the chairs, the sofa and us, so Mom called her over for a belly rub, which for some reason, makes her sleepy.

Now, I know this is pathetic, but I have a grossly childish sense of humor, and I thought it would be amusing to see if I could get her to be hyper again, and I said jokingly, 'Nooo, let's make her hyper! Let's shock Molly's adrenal glands!' And I laid my index fingertips to her back and made a ZZZZZZZZZZ!!! sound, imitating electricity. Molly obliged and went nuts again.

Now she thinks this is a command, and if you put your fingertips to her back and make a ZZZZZZ sound with your mouth she reliably whirls in circles, wags manically and jumps all over you.

How the heck does a dog learn this? What word/gesture/facial expression could she have picked up on???

- doesn't have a GSD yet

- does have a small, light GSDlike female dog who I strongly suspect is a Malinois
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