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Originally Posted by Shade View Post
I see Paul just mentioned you were in a high risk area, that does change things.

If I did have to set them down I would take them to the farthest place possible. For instance when I took Delgado to Petsmart (in my arms of course) it was in a strip mall with a HUGE parking lot, I literally walked to the opposite end of the parking lot from Petsmart and let him pee there before taking him inside.

I tried to stick mainly to places where there were tons of humans but limited dog areas. At two shots they've got a decent immunity but I don't trust it 100% until 1 week after the 3rd shot. I've personally never had to deal with parvo and I hope I never ever have to, it's a scary disease
I don't think Carson City is high risk. The outbreak is in a small farming community.... But heck now I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll just leave him crated and home where I know he is safe even if he is unhappy about being crated for so long.
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