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My GS has bitten twice now

I have two shepherds, one boy 4year and one girl 3yrs. They have been well socialised, been brought up with boundries and love. They are never allowed on sofa's, up stairs, they live in doors and know their place in the family home. Unfortunately my boy bit the postman a few months ago, drew blood. The dog warden and police were involved. They assessed the dogs and luckily nothing more was done. Today he was down my husband's garage as a one off and a delivery guy can in and once again my boy bit him....well he tore his jacket but if he did not have such a thick jacket on I could be looking at another incident as he just jumped straight up a bit him.

I did not really think he would do this again as last time he was clearly protecting his property. I think this now means I need to muzzle him every time he goes out, but it's sad because at home etc he is lovely and never showed signs of this before. I don't want to muzzle him as he loves playing etc. I know they are protective but this is beyond protecting. I have 7 small grandchildren and am now a bit weary although in my heart I don't think he would do anything or am I just blinkered.

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome please.
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