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Straining to Urinate in a Year Old Male--Do I neuter him?

I'd love some advice on an ongoing issue with my 13 month old Jackson. From the time he was about 6 months Jackson has had "spells" where he alternatively strains to urinate and cannot control his urination. He will try to urinate for 15 minutes not be able to go and then later have an accident. He is house trained. This is something he cannot control. The first time it happened he was tested, diagnosed and treated with a urinary tract infection. Each subsequent time, he has not had an infection, but has been treated with antibiotics several times. He gets better whether or not he is treated.

Yesterday I had him to a specialist for an ultrasound, xrays and blood work. The blood work is not back but the ultrasound and xrays show no physical abnormalities except a "slightly" enlarged prostate that is more "pear shaped" than normal shaped.

As a preliminary discussion before all the tests are in, the vet suggested that Jackson may have a prostate infection that can be treated with different antibiotics. She then recommends neutering Jackson so that his prostate will shrink. I have always intended to neuter Jackson but was waiting until at least 18 months for growth reasons.

Jackson also has a really unsteady back end. I wanted to give him every opportunity to grow normally. However, I really don't like the accidents in the house. Would he still get some of the benefits of waiting to neuter at 13 months? Any thoughts?
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