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Is he growling, or grunting at me? VIDEO

My boy is a 3 1/2 year old Neutered German Working line boy, and I have had him since he was 10 weeks old. I have been a bad dog mom recently and have not been able to spend much time with him as I have been working a ton. My dad is retired and is home with him all day, so he does get plenty of play time and attention. Recently he has been displaying some strange behaviors (only to me) and I can't tell if he is quite growling or not.

I did get a video tonight, I was sitting on the floor with him and he attacked me with kisses. Then he layed down, rolled on his back and I was scratching his tummy. While I was doing that he started making the sounds. At the end of the video I did get nervous as he came towards me really fast but all he did was jump in my lap as to say SORRY MOMMY I LOVE YOU. He did this last night as well when I was sitting with him and as soon as he started doing it I started giving him some commands, sit, down etc and he did them with such passion as if all he wanted to do was please me. Again as an I am sorry mommy.

Thoughts anyone? I am afraid he is just confused with our relationship?

Up until a few weeks ago he was sleeping in the room with my husband and I but he was keeping us up moving around and scratching. We have a really small room so now he sleeps with my other dog and cat in the main part of the house and he gets to come in to sleep with me (on the floor) for an hour when my husband gets up for work. Could he be upset about this? I am really sad and worried about all of this

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