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Originally Posted by xolgh16 View Post
Hey guys, I was looking for some advice, even though I know it's early! The litter I am getting my puppy from is going to be born around March 7-9, putting his pickup date the weekend of May 3. However, I had planned on visiting my parents (7 hours away) from May 4-13. I was wondering if this would negatively affect him since he would be getting used to a place (right after being separated from his mom and litter mates) and then he would be moved just 10 days later and have to get used to another place. I want to do what's in the best interest for him, and for me too. Do you guys think I should work something out to visit my parents at another time, or do you think the puppy would be okay? Any additional advice would be MUCH appreciated!
No expert, but I just picked up my puppy at 12 weeks last week. Today is one full week he has been here. He is finally starting to feel comfortable and figure out the potty thing. I wouldn't want to move him again in 3 more days That would be terrible.
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