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Ok, so I am about 5'6". The kennels are 6'. Now when I stand on the snow outside the kennels my head is level with them.

Since most of the kennels are covered, this is kind of a problem. I also have 2x4s spanning across the top of the kennels and the contractor put them so that the 4" is coming down from the top of the kennel. So if I was 5'8" they would brush the top of my head. Fine in the summer time, spring and fall. But in winter when there is, like now, a good 4" solidly packed down in the kennel where the dogs have run back and fourth and back and fourth. Well... it is ok if I do my normal routine and duck in all the right spots. When something out of the ordinary happens, it is good that I wear a hat as it can soften the blow somewhat.

I am ready for winter to go away now.

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