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Stinky Girl

For this post I am so happy my GSD can not read since it is a little embarrassing!
Kennedy is 14 weeks old, we adopted her this past Saturday (so like 4 days ago) and have noticed that she expresses her anal glads a lot!
I have owned several dogs in my life and have never had a dog do this on their own...I didnt even know hat she was doing until she did it at the vets! THey say that is can be brought on by stress which made sense at that point cause she did it
1. on the car ride home from adopting
2. meeting Moose (her new found sister)
3. when we got to petsmart to take her to the vet

3 times within 2 days seemed like a lot to me but then again, I have never experienced a puppy that did this. The smell is HORRID! and then she gets a nervous whine and licks herself...the smell does go away on its own and it does seem to "hurt" her...but it is so smelly! and I feel bad. I am thinking it is not nerves cause just this evening she was sleeping under my feet while I worked and did it again. absolutely nothing was going on that could be stressful. She was even in her favorite spot cuddled by my feet...
WHAT could be causing this?! Any tips on if it will go away or HOW to help it go away?

Moose GSD & Lab 1 year
Kennedy GSD 14 weeks
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