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Originally Posted by David Winners View Post
1st of all, this is horrible ownership. The owner should NEVER allow the dogs outside, unrestrained and unsupervised. No matter what the reaction of the officer, the situation would have never happened if the animals were legally restrained.

The officer was really stressed due to a previous bite. You can hear it in his voice, even minutes later during the interview with the owner. There are many stress cues in his voice and posture. He was wigging out. This is a total lack of responsibility of the officer to assess the situation and react in an appropriate manner. He has a siren, lights, a horn and a public address system which he could have employed from the safety of his vehicle to alert the owners of the situation. If this was a felony arrest situation with the chance of flight of the suspect I would understand, but this is a dog call. Get back in your car and use the tools you have to address the situation in the manner which will post the least amount of threat to everyone involved.

Why put yourself and the dog at risk over a misdemeanor, and in a situation that is not time sensitive?
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