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Great looking pup and good for you for saving her from an isolated garage.

Wish I had some solid advice...but I usually just shoot from the hip with questions like this....getting the once over by the vet sounds like a good idea and so does the class enrollment. I was always led to believe pups need to meet the world at a young age, experiencing what they will be dealing with on a daily basis for years to come and the key is to teach the dog to deal with the world with confidence. I also have this notion that a savvy confident guide/leader introducing the pup to the world is somewhat paramount. I'd bet your dog is going to really come to love you being her confident leader. I also know it's easy to screw up at times, since I did....but as I always like to say .." ever time I am wrong, I have an opportunity to become one bit smarter if I choose". There is a world of info out there which is available on your situation and it's great that it is there....a great example is this forum. I will assume some folks who have great understanding of this type of situation you describe will post and help you get started.

By the way your pup looks awesome,

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