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Service Dog?? Shot by an Officer

This is very hard to watch - warning. I feel there is probably more to the overall story...I do know that from the dashcam perspective it looks like the officer had other options than shooting this poor dog. Instead of getting hung up in the outcry , I was trying to watch the dog's body language , trying to decipher to see if he would have bitten. I think training about dealing with animals should have more of a presence in police training since this happens all the time. If you listen to the officer towrds the end of the recording , his voice is shaky and he sounds frightened of dogs more than anything else.

I also question the validity of the service dog aspect. The article states the dogs have been call on for wandering around the neighborhood before. Not that it matters , if the cop did not need to shoot the dog , he did not need to shoot the dog. Just a splinter thought on why is a service dog looking like he might bite ...

article :
Police Examine Dog-Handling Tactics in Wake of Filer Shooting (with video)

upsetting video , with dialog with owner at end

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