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Few questions about my puppy - first time shepherd owner

I am a first time German Shepherd owner but not first time dog owner,

My last two dogs i had from pups at around 8 weeks, however after my last dog passing away at the age of 16, i decided to get another dog, A friend who was doing some development work locally told me of some pups, I went to view and fell in love with the last pup

She was 13/14 weeks old, such a cute little girl, and decided to take her home, the problem was she was living in the garage and was so shy, didnt have contact with other people and dogs.

I have had her 2 weeks now, and she has settled in really well at home and follows me like a shadow. She is eating great (raw diet) however I have found shes really shy and scared. She is shy and scared of people, distracted by the sound of cars etc.. she is great with my girlfriend, but not our friends, like to growl and bark, she doesnt seem interested in walks and she sleeps a lot. I guess just being patient will solve it all, and guesing its hjust a phases shes going through? anyone experianced the same

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